16 Channel Passive Video, Power, Transceiver Hub with AC Power Supply in 1U Rack Mounting Hub

The 16-channel TPP016VPJ45 is using standard CAT5 & RJ45 structured building wiring to carry video and power for simplifying short range installation by centralizing power and reducing installation labor costs. The built in AC24V power supply could support at-distance camera loads up to 500mA per channel. Use with TTP111VPJ45 at camera side to send video, and power for cable runs 300 meters (max.)

  • TPP016VPJ45 16 Channel Passive Video, Power Transceiver Hub with AC Power
  • Supply in 1U Rack Mounting Hub. TPP016VPJ45Integrate and send video and power over a single RJ45 4 pairs cable for up to 300 meters
  • Each RJ45 connector for connecting power and video from video-power transceiver at each camera, for up to 16 cameras
  • 16 x RJ45 connector for 16 channel video input + power output
  • 16 x BNC connector for 16 channel video output to DVR
  • 8Amp AC24V power, each port output current up to 0.5Amp for camera, max up to 8 Amp total
  • Built in “smart fuse” to avoid current overload
  • Built in PTC (positive temperature coefficient) for short protection and auto rework on each port
  • Built in surge protection
  • Use with HTA-TTP111VPJ45 video, power transceiver at the camera side
  • Monochrome video signal up to 1800ft, color video signal up to 1200ft