Building a New Secure Era

Hunt Electronic was established in 1987. Hunt Electronic has experienced aggressive growth over the last decades due to world-wide customer recognition of Hunts’ organizational excellence, marketing endeavors, technological advancement, innovative quality products, and exceptional service. Our charter is to develop and manufacture high quality, cost effective Closed Circuit Television products to meet today’s stringent requirements. Hunt Electronic is staffed with highly trained, experienced, and creative individuals specializing in the development and manufacturing of high performance CCTV solutions.

Future Business Goals

Hunt Electronic Released HVRM Series High Performance 4, 8, 16, 32 Channel Digital Video Recorder. User friendly; easy as a VCR and Expandable as a Matrix System, designed to record images more efficiently and clearly. HVR Series supports 4, 8, 16, 32 analog video channels. Video, Audio, and Text Event-Logs are digitized and stored on two internal hard-drives. Using a advanced MPEG-4 technology, average file size is 3-5KB while still maintaining clarity high enough for facial-recognition. Due to our advanced MPEG-4, the HVRM processes analog video into crisp, clear, and court-admissible pictures that are up to 500% smaller than comparable JPEG images. With this efficiency, HVRM easily records video and audio over 30 days on 4 TB hard disks when recording 16 channels at the speed of 15ips per channel (with image of Standard Quality). Setting-up HVRM series is as easy as setting up a VCR. HVRM DVR starts to record as soon as power is supplied and CCTV cameras are connected. HVRM offers an easy setup with hand-held remote control, as well as advanced menus. With Quick Setup, HVRM can be setup and begin recording in as little as 5 minutes. The default settings offer quality and efficiency without the hassle of confusing menus.

Higher standard

Keeping abreast of advanced technologies over the last decade enable Hunt to succeed in the development of Taiwans first Fully Digital Process CCD Cameras. Hunts worldwide customers look to us for products with features of superior picture quality, low noise, and a wide range of built in functionality, including:

  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Automatic Exposure control
  • Full digital Back Light Compensation processing
  • Auto Tracing White Balance
  • Gamma correction
  • Digital color matrix
  • 2H mode of H.V. aperture correction
  • OSD (on screen display) built-in functions

Behind every great innovation, there is a superior R&D team!


  • Quality Control from Design

Our Fully Digital Process CCD camera is unique in that all of its functions are controlled by software. We believe that your testing one sample will show the consistent reliability and performance of our products, we can guarantee the same quality in mass-production afterwards.
Using modern automated SMT equipment for quality production Automated Manufacturing facilities.To ensure ISO 9001, high quality manufactured products, Hunt has computerized all of its manufacturing process with automatic insertion SMT and ICT equipment in a dust free environment, which can more efficiently increase our production capacity.

Manufacturing System

Effecting ISO 9001 world class standard, CE and UL, Hunt Electronic upholds quality assurance from material purchasing, production, quality control, order handling, packing and shipping.