Customer protection, fraud prevention, theft detection, inventory monitoring… all accomplished through a Hunt scalable CCTV system.


Commercial and private businesses face a real challenge. With our vast range of products from analog to digital, we have you covered.

Public Transit

Commuters will feel safe when transportation sectors like trains, buses and private transportation are covered by a flexible Hunt CCTV surveillance system.

City Surveillance

Cities with large populations require many cameras to cover wide areas. Hunt HD cameras are up to the task. HD cameras cover big areas, and less cameras means big savings for smaller budgets.


Hunt Electronic solutions safeguard air-travel with features like Entrance/Exit Detection, Face Detection, Object Removal Detection, Unattended Baggage Detection, and more…


Monitor gambling tables, floors, money machines and entrance/exits… all accomplished through sharp 5 Megapixel HD format.


Looking to protect banking customers and assets seamlessly? A Hunt CCTV Security Solution is your answer.

Health Care

Health Care Facilities, Staff, Patients and Visitors alike benefit greatly from the safety and security a Hunt CCTV solution will provide.


A growing economy, and vibrant international trade demand a scalable, HD system to meet/exceed customs requirements.


An easily managed and scalable Hunt CCTV system reassures parents, students, teachers and administrators that they are protected.

Critical Infrastructure

Large scale infrastructure surveillance requires a flexible, robust, and easily manageable system for protection against domestic and international terrorism.


Crowd-Monitoring is accomplished via our broad selection of high megapixel products. Digital enhancement simplifies monitoring and identification.