Electric Bolt

  • Photoelectric control technique to avoid mechanical failure
  • Ultra-cold design and ultralow-consumption to make the electric bolt safer and more durable
  • 500 thousands times of locking operation
  • Equipped with internal voltage dependent resistor (MOV)
  • Equipped with smart one-chip
  • The main body and bolt of the electric strike is made up of alloy and stainless steel respectively


Model Number HACC-LT100
Dimension of Plate 8.07″ x 1.38″ x 1.57″
Dimension of Strike 3.54″ x 0.98″ x 0.07″
Dimension of Bolt 0.63″ x 0.63″
Bolt Performance Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel, Support Thrust of 800Kg
Input Voltage 12 VDC
Working Current 900mA (Startup Current) 100mA (Standby)
Secure Power off for Unlocking
Signal Output Signal Output NC, COM contact of Door-Status
Working Temperature -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
Working Humidity 0 to 95% (Relative Humidity)
Suitable Doors Wooden doors, Glass doors, Metal doors, Fireproof doors
Delay Duration 0/3/6/9s Optional
Magnetic Induction Distance 8mm (0.31″)
Life Time 500 Thousand Times of Locking Operation
Weight 1.54lbs