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16-Channel Multiplexer, B/W, Duplex, Digital Video

  • Full Duplex Multiplexing allows video recording while viewing live video or video playback
  • High Resolution Color Display NTSC FORMAT 1024*480 active pixels, PAL format 1024*576provide high resolution and true color for detailed surveillance and easy identification
  • On-Screen Display Programmable on-screen displays options identify date, time, location, and an alarm and video loss message is displayed to alert the operator
  • Multi-screen display full,PIP,2*2,3*3, and 4*4. Plus Live picture formats are available during live or playback mode
  • OSD Impedance Function each input has its own impedance switch when looping is required
  • Trigger Recording synchronizes with an external VCR switch pulse and provides the best picture for any VCR recording mode
  • Adjustable recording to prevent unsynchronized recording, an on-screen menu permits the user to program a custom interval to match the picture sample rate of virtually any VCR